Shauna is an artist that combines traditional art mediums with nontraditional subject matter and composition. She is interested in painting subjects from the natural sciences in constructed or fantastical settings. Her work addresses ideas about history, natural disasters, and violence in a humorous way to question the depiction of history and one’s personal experience with it.  She examines anthropomorphization, portraiture, and context.

Shauna is involved with the Ligo Project Art of Science program, which is a 6-month artist-in residence program that allows artists the opportunity to interact with scientists, learn about research and create a piece of science-inspired art.

She currently works at Open Source Gallery, a Brooklyn arts organization with a focus on socially engaged work and accessibility.

Shauna received her BA in studio art from Wagner College.  She is pursuing an MA degree in modern and contemporary art history at CUNY Hunter College.  Her thesis focuses on the ceramic works of Asger Jorn.


What the @#$% Happened?!, 2009, Solo Exhibit in Wagner College's Spotlight Gallery.


Introduction, 2014, exhibit catalogue, Emanuele Cacciatore's A Conversation with Consequence

Sorensen on Bann, 2013, Journal of Nineteenth-Century French Studies, Book review of Stephen Bann's Distinguished Images (2013).

Gilgo Beach: A Physical Absence, 2012, NY Arts Magazine, Review of Nick Kline's Gilgo Beach.

Primitivism in the Works of Gauguin and Baudelaire, 2010, Wagner College Forum for Undergraduate Research.